Tokelauan people in New Zealand

  • In 2001, 91 percent of Tokelauan people reported an affiliation with a Christian religion. The most common religious affiliations were Catholic and Presbyterian (each forming 41 percent of those with an affiliation), followed by Pentecostal (3 percent), Methodist (2 percent) and Latter-day Saints (2 percent).
  • Overseas-born Tokelauans were more likely to report a religious affiliation than New Zealand-born Tokelauans (98 percent versus 88 percent respectively). The older age structure of the overseas-born population may be a contributing factor.
  • Higher proportions of Tokelauan people in older age groups reported having a religious affiliation than their younger counterparts, as figure 3.1 shows. In 2001, 99 percent of Tokelauans aged between 45 and 64 reported a religious affiliation, whereas the equivalent proportion for those aged between 25 and 34 years was 93 percent.
  • In 2001, 9 percent of Tokelauan people stated they had no religious affiliation. Among the Pacific population, the equivalent figure in 2001 was 12 percent, whereas almost a third of the New Zealand population stated they had no religious affiliation in 2001.