QuickStats About New Zealand

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Number of people counted

Total population

  • 4,027,947 people usually live in New Zealand. This is an increase of 290,667 people, or 7.8 percent, since the 2001 Census.

Population of New Zealand, 2006 Census
Total  4,027,947

Māori ethnic population

  • 565,326 Māori usually live in New Zealand, an increase of 39,048 people, or 7.4 percent, since the 2001 Census.

Māori Population of New Zealand, 2006 Census
Total  565,326

Note: The Māori ethnic group population is the count for people of the Māori ethnic group. It includes those people who stated Māori as being either their sole ethnic group or one of several ethnic groups.  

Number of dwellings counted

  • For New Zealand as a whole, there are 1,478,709 occupied dwellings and 159,276 unoccupied dwellings.
  • There are 13,560 dwellings under construction in New Zealand.

Dwellings in New Zealand, 2006 Census
Dwelling status
     Total  1,478,709
Under construction
Total  1,651,542

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