QuickStats About Hillcrest West

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Ethnic groups, birthplace and languages spoken

Total population

Ethnic groups

  • The most common ethnic group in Hillcrest West is European, compared with European for Waikato Region as a whole.


Ethnic Groups in Hillcrest West, 2006 Census
Pacific peoples3.2
Middle Eastern/Latin American/African1.5
Other ethnicity10.0

C confidential


Ethnic Groups in Waikato Region, 2006 Census
Pacific peoples3.2
Middle Eastern/Latin American/African0.7
Other ethnicity11.5

C confidential 


  • 40.2 percent of people in Hillcrest West were born overseas, compared with 16.0 percent for Waikato Region as a whole.
  • For people born overseas who are now living in Hillcrest West, the most common birthplace was Asia, compared with the UK and Ireland for all of Waikato Region.

 Languages spoken

  • English is the most commonly spoken language in Hillcrest West.
  • 3.7 percent of people in Hillcrest West speak Māori, compared with 6.1 percent of people for all of Waikato Region.
  • New Zealand Sign Language is used by 0.5 percent of people in Hillcrest West, compared with 0.6 percent of people for all of Waikato Region.
  • 68.1 percent of people in Hillcrest West speak only one language, compared with 84.3 percent of people for all of Waikato Region.

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