QuickStats About Arrowtown

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  • Couples with children make up 41.0 percent of all families in Arrowtown, while couples without children make up 50.0 percent of all families.
  • In Otago Region, couples with children make up 38.8 percent of all families, while couples without children make up 47.3 percent of all families.
  • 9.0 percent of families in Arrowtown are one-parent-with-children families, compared with 13.9 percent of families for Otago Region as a whole.

Family Types in Arrowtown and Otago Region, 2006 Census
Family typeArrowtown (%)Otago Region (%)
Couple without child(ren)50.047.3
Couple with child(ren)41.038.8
One parent with child(ren)9.013.9

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