QuickStats About Education and Training

The 2006 Census highest qualification classification is based on the new qualifications framework developed in 2003. The New Zealand Register of Quality Assured Qualifications is a classification for level of attainment developed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission.

When making comparisons with previous census data, the following qualification levels apply:

 2006 Census  1996 and 2001 Censuses  Examples of qualifications
 No qualification  No qualification  
 Level 1 certificate gained at school  Fifth form qualification  School certificate, NCEA level 1
 Level 2 certificate gained at school  Sixth form qualification  Sixth form certificate,
NCEA level 2
 Level 3 or 4 certificate gained at school  Higher school qualification  Bursary, scholarship, NCEA level
 Overseas secondary school qualification  Overseas secondary school qualification  O level, A level, GCE
 Level 1, 2 or 3 certificate gained post-school  Basic vocational qualification  Pre-vocational certificates, bridging certificates
 Level 4 certificate gained post-school  Skilled vocational qualification  Trade certificate, national certificate
 Level 5 diploma  Intermediate vocational qualification  Advanced trade certificate
 Level 6 diploma  Advanced vocational qualification  Undergraduate diploma/certificate, national diploma, NZ diploma
 Bachelor's degree and level 7 qualifications  Bachelor's degree  BA, BSc
 Post-graduate and honours degree  Higher degree  Post-graduate diploma, post-graduate certificate
 Master's degree  Higher degree  MA, MSc
 Doctorate degree  Higher degree  PhD
 Not elsewhere included  Not elsewhere included (includes other New Zealand secondary school qualification)  
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