QuickStats About Māori

Māori Ethnic Population / Te Momo Iwi Māori

  • At the time of the 2006 Census, there were 565,329 people who identified with the Māori ethnic group and usually lived in New Zealand.
  • The Māori population has increased by 30.0 percent in the past 15 years, up from 434,847 in 1991 to reach 565,329 in 2006 (an increase of 130,482).
  • More than one in seven people (14.6 percent) usually living in New Zealand in 2006 belonged to the Māori ethnic group.
  • Just over half (52.8 percent) of all people in the Māori ethnic group identified Māori as their only ethnicity.
  • In 2006, 42.2 percent of Māori stated that they identified with European ethnic groups, 7.0 percent with Pacific peoples ethnic groups, 1.5 percent with Asian ethnic groups, and 2.3 percent also gave 'New Zealander' as one of their ethnic groups.
Māori Ethnic Group
1991–2006 Censuses
Census year Māori ethnic group population  
1991 434,847 
1996 523,371  
2001   526,281
2006   565,329
Note: Due to classification and questionnaire changes, comparisons between 1991 and 1996 and/or 2001 and 2006 data should be treated with caution.

Note: The Māori ethnic population includes those people who stated Māori as being their sole ethnic group or one of several ethnic groups.