2011 Census Content Report

1. Topics to be included in the 2011 Census

In keeping with the minimal content change strategy for the 2011 Census of Population and Dwellings, all topics that were included in the 2006 Census will be included in the 2011 Census. No new topics will be added. See table 1 for the full list of 2011 Census topics.

The cigarette smoking and fertility topics are retained. Although these cyclical topics were not due to be included in the 2011 Census, the retention of these topics is consistent with the minimal content change strategy for the 2011 Census and they will meet important information needs.

The disability topic will continue to be included as a filter question for a post-censal survey, but will not be an output topic from the 2011 Census.

Table 1
2011 Census content topics

Category Topic
Population structure Age
Number of occupants on census night
Marital/relationship status
Number of children bornName(1)
Location Census night address
Dwelling address
Usual residence
Usual residence five years ago
Years at usual residence
Ethnicity and culture Ethnicity
Iwi affiliation
Māori descent
Religious affiliation
Years since arrival in New Zealand
Education and training Highest qualification
Post-school qualification
Highest secondary school qualification
Study participation
Work Status in employment
Work and labour force status
Hours worked in employment per week
Main means of travel to work
Sector of ownership
Unpaid activities
Workplace address
Income Total personal income
Sources of personal income
Families and households Family type
Extended families
Household composition
Housing Access to telecommunication systems
Fuel types used to heat dwelling
Number of motor vehicles
Occupied dwelling type
Weekly rent paid by households
Sector of landlord
Tenure of household
Tenure holder
Number of rooms/ bedrooms
Health Cigarette smoking
Disability Disability

(1) Name information is collected in the census to ensure everyone has filled out a form and to determine household and family structures. Under the Public Records Act 2005, Statistics NZ must archive this information. Statistics NZ does not release or share this personal information. This topic is not discussed further in this report.