2013 Census totals by topic

Icon, 2013 Census – data tables.

2013 Census totals by topic show national totals of finer details about New Zealand's population and dwellings. They contain information about key variables, including age, birthplace, occupation, and tenure of household.

Each table about a variable shows separate totals for the detailed classifications within the variable. For example, the totals for occupation show separate totals for all jobs within the classification, such as the total number of pig farmers, actors, librarians, and fencers in New Zealand.

Two media releases accompany 2013 Census totals by topic:

Viewing the tables

The tables are available in Excel format from the ‘Available files’ box. If you do not have access to Excel you may use the Excel file viewer to view, print and export the contents of this file.

Comparing 2013 and 2006 Census data

Classification counts tables have data from the 2006 Census on very similar topics. To see where direct comparisons can be made, refer to the 'comparing this data with previous census data' section within the relevant topic in 2013 Census information by variable.

Published 10 December 2013