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2013 Census QuickStats about a place:
Stratford West

Number of people counted

  • 3,264 people usually live in Stratford West. This is a decrease of 3 people, or less than one percent, since the 2006 Census.
  • Stratford West has 36.3 percent of Stratford District's population.

Population of Stratford West and Stratford District
2013 Census
Sex Stratford West Stratford District
Male 1,551 4,422
Female 1,716 4,566
Total people 3,264 8,988

Source: Statistics New Zealand

Note: All figures are for the census usually resident population count.

Number of dwellings counted

  • There are 1,335 occupied dwellings and 111 unoccupied dwellings in Stratford West.
  • For Stratford District as a whole, there are 3,579 occupied dwellings and 348 unoccupied dwellings.
  • There are 3 dwellings under construction in Stratford West, and 18 under construction in Stratford District.

Note: This time series is irregular. Because the 2011 Census was cancelled after the Canterbury earthquake on 22 February 2011, the gap between this census and the last one is seven years. The change in the data between 2006 and 2013 may be greater than in the usual five-year gap between censuses. Be careful when comparing trends.

This data has been randomly rounded to protect confidentiality. Individual figures may not add up to totals, and values for the same data may vary in different text, tables and graphs. For areas with small populations, the data may not look as expected because of this rounding.