2006 Census questionnaires

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Ethnicity question for 2006 Census

There was some discussion in the news media about the ethnicity question used in the 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings. There is a fact sheet clarifying the 2006 Census question on ethnicity.

2006 Census questionnaires – changes since 2001

Following consultation with the users of census information, there were very few changes made to the questions asked in 2006. The focus was on asking the questions that users of census data most need answers about for the whole population, and on the types of questions that work best in a self-completed questionnaire that is filled in by everyone.

By asking about the same subjects as in the 2001 Census, information can be produced on changes in our population and housing over the last five years.

Two cyclical questions were included in the 2006 Census questionnaires: fertility and smoking. These were last asked in 1996. Fertility data is used to understand how the population is likely to change over time, for example any changes between generations, ethnicities and regions. Smoking data is of interest to health researchers and policy makers.

Keeping the census relevant and up to date requires updating questions when there is a change in policy or society. For 2006, changes were made in the questions relating to:

  • Education/qualifications
  • Income
  • Dwelling type/number of storeys
  • Tenure
  • Access to telecommunications
  • Number of occupants
  • Number of motor vehicles
  • Country of birth.

2006 Census Final Questionnaire Design

Final Report on Content

This report outlines decisions on topics to be included in the 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings.

Preliminary Views on Content

This report was a guide to the discussion and consultation necessary to help decide which topics would be included in the 2006 Census.

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