Improvements to our information releases

As a result of user feedback, we’ve changed the layout and format of our information releases.

Why change?

We’ve made the changes to:

  • accommodate the different needs of people who access our statistical data
  • make our information easier to find and use.

What’s changing?

  • Key facts is the new name for the old ‘Highlights’ section.
  • The Commentary label stays, with the most significant or interesting results upfront.
  • The ‘Technical notes’ section is now split into:
    • Data quality – discusses any changes that have affected the data since the last release and includes general technical information 
    • Definitions – says what the release is about and gives definitions of terms used in the release.
  • Related links – leads to related releases, reports, articles, and external sources.
  • Contacts – gives you all the contact details in one place.



 Image of old information release sections.  Image of new information release sections.

What’s happening to the tables?

The tables now come with a hyperlinked contents list in the first tab, so you can find your way around the file quickly. There are no other changes.

When will the releases be in the new format?

Some annual releases are in the new format already. From October 2011 all our releases will be progressively released in the new format.

Who can I contact with any questions?

If you want any more information about these changes, please contact our Information Centre: