Where will you be on Tuesday, 5 March 2013?

Embargoed until 01:30pm  –  15 September 2011

2013 Census announcement  –  Media Release

Wherever you are in New Zealand, from Scott Base in Antarctica to the far north  of the country, or even on an oil rig off the Taranaki coast, on 5 March 2013, you have to be counted in the census.

Government Statistician Geoff Bascand today announced the date for the next census and says with well under two years to go, preparations are moving with a sense of urgency and excitement.

The Census of Population and Dwellings is a chance to find out a lot of information about who we are as a country, and where and how we live. The information people give is used by many groups to decide how to provide the things New Zealanders need, like hospitals, schools, and roads.

The census is a national stocktake and underpins our democracy – where people live determines the areas politicians represent.

"The 2011 Census was deferred because of the February Christchurch earthquake. This makes the 2013 Census even more important, because people and organisations that rely on census statistics for their planning want the latest information available," Mr Bascand said.

"We’ve been working with these groups to identify other sources of information to help meet their needs until the next census. But we are aware of a keener interest than ever from government, business, and communities for Statistics NZ to run a very successful 2013 Census.

"I am very confident that we can meet those expectations."  

Geoff Bascand 15 September 2011
Government Statistician


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