New Zealand Business Demography Statistics (Business Dynamics): February 2007

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  • At February 2007, the number of enterprises (businesses) was 463,380, up 2.0 percent compared with February 2006.
  • There were 60,440 enterprise births representing 13 percent of the total number of enterprises. These had a total of 30,500 paid employees, or about 1.5 percent of total employment. The new enterprises are predominantly non-employers (86 percent).
  • Forty-three percent of the 2007 births are in the property and business services industry, and 12 percent in the construction industry (the second largest category).
  • It is preliminarily estimated that there were 54,410 enterprise deaths in the February 2007 year, representing 12 percent of the total number of enterprises. These covered about 1 percent of total employment. Most of the ceased enterprises were non-employers (91 percent).
  • Of the 63,040 births in the February 2006 year, 82 percent were still operating in 2007.
  • Of the 42,850 births in the February 2001 year, 40 percent were still operating six years later (2007). Births with paid employees had a higher chance of surviving this period (56 percent for the 1 to 5 employee category) than businesses with no employees (37 percent).

Graph, Births and Deaths.

Geoff Bascand 26 March 2008
Government Statistician ISSN 1178-0738