Electronic Card Transactions: November 2008

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 Compared with October 2008 (on a seasonally adjusted basis):

  • The value of the total Electronic Card Transaction (ECT) series was 2.8 percent lower.
  • The value of the retail ECT series was 2.3 percent lower.
  • The value of the core retail ECT series was 0.5 percent lower


  • The growth rate in the total ECT trend series has eased since August 2008 and is now almost flat.
  • The growth rate in the retail ECT trend series fell to zero in November, after slowing each month since July.
  • The core retail ECT trend series appears to have been easing since August 2008.
 Graph, Value of Total Electronic Card Transactions.
Geoff Bascand 5 January 2009

Government Statistician

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