Gross Domestic Product: March 2013 quarter

Embargoed until 10:45am  –  20 June 2013

Key facts

Gross domestic product (GDP):

  • Economic activity increased 0.3 percent in the March 2013 quarter.
  • Business services (up 3.9 percent) and construction (up 5.5 percent) had the largest increases.
  • Agriculture, forestry, and fishing (down 4.8 percent) had the largest decline.
  • Economic activity for the year ended March 2013 was up 2.5 percent.

Expenditure on gross domestic product:

  • The expenditure measure of GDP was up 0.3 percent in the March 2013 quarter.
  • The volume of expenditure by New Zealand households was up 0.4 percent. 
  • Exports of goods and services (up 2.5 percent) and imports (up 2.3 percent) both rose.
  • In current prices, expenditure on GDP was $212 billion for the year ended March 2013.

Graph, Gross domestic product, quarterly change, March 2007 to March 2013.  

Dallas Welch
Acting Government Statistician

20 June 2013
ISSN 1178-0290