New Zealand Period Life Tables: 2005–07

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  • A newborn girl can expect to live 82.2 years and a newborn boy 78.0 years, based on deaths in New Zealand in 2005–07.
  • This is an increase of 1.0 years for females and 1.7 years for males since 2000–02.
  • Females can expect to outlive males by 4.1 years based on deaths in 2005–07, down from the largest difference of 6.4 years in 1975–77.
  • Māori life expectancy at birth is about 8.2 years lower than for non-Māori. A newborn Māori girl can expect to live 75.1 years and a newborn Māori boy 70.4 years, compared with 83.0 years for a non-Māori girl and 79.0 years for a non-Māori boy.
  • The longevity gap between Māori and non-Māori has closed slightly. The difference in life expectancy at birth of 8.2 years in 2005–07 compares with 8.5 years in 2000–02 and 9.1 years in 1995–97.
 Graph, Life Expectancy at Birth Total Population by sex 1950-52 to 2005-07.  Graph, Life Expectancy at Birth by ethnicity and sex 2005-07.
 Geoff Bascand    10 November 2008 
 Government Statistician