Income and work

Statistics about income record the sources and distribution of income, including New Zealanders' gross income levels from salaries and wages, self-employment, and government transfers.

Statistics about work count and describe people in New Zealand who are:

  • in paid employment
  • unemployed (not in paid work)
  • not in the labour force.

Other work statistics give information about:

  • the labour market, including supply of and demand for labour
  • the labour force (people working or available for work)
  • occupations and industries
  • types of work – salaried and waged employment, full- and part-time work, and self-employment. 
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Employment and unemployment
Find out about employment and unemployment in New Zealand. 

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Detailed information about New Zealanders' income from:

  • salary and wages
  • self-employment
  • investments
  • government transfers (for example benefits, family support, student loans, and superannuation).
heading icon. Strikes
Find out about work stoppages in New Zealand.