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Income statistics give you information about working-age people, aged 15 years and over, and about jobs. Our different income and wage measures are useful for different purposes.

See User guide for wage and income measures for help in deciding which measure to use. Start with the flowchart under 'Available files'.

Information releases

Explore our latest income statistics.

Person or household-level measures

New Zealand Income Survey (NZIS)
Annual information about individual and household income, including wages and salaries, self-employment, government transfers, and investment income. We analyse data by age, sex, ethnicity, region, highest qualification, industry, and occupation.

Household Economic Survey
Annual information on the incomes and expenditure patterns of private households in New Zealand.

Survey of Family, Income, and Employment (2003–06)
Information about respondents' work, family and household circumstances, income, and net worth. The same respondents were tracked over eight years so you can also find information about changes.

Job-level measures

Quarterly Employment Survey
Information about New Zealand's employment. Find out about average hourly earnings, average paid hours worked in a week, or average weekly earnings.

Labour Cost Index (Salary and Wage Rates)
Information about movements in base salary and ordinary-time wage rates, and overtime wage rates.

Linked Employer-Employee Data
Information on job and worker flows; and total, mean, and median earnings for continuing jobs and new hires to the March 2010 quarter.


Analyse the numbers.

Income tables
Time-series data on weekly income and hourly earnings for different subpopulations. Data is from the New Zealand Income Survey. Available in NZ.Stat.

Employment and unemployment tables
Data on filled jobs (by ANZSIC group), and on key labour-force measures.

LEED annual tables
Statistics on filled jobs, job and worker flows, mean and median earnings for continuing jobs and new hires, and total earnings.

LEED quarterly tables (to June 2012 quarter)

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Select the following categories from the Infoshare home page for income data:

Subject category: Work income and spending
Group: Earnings and Employment Survey (QES) - QEX

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Data Lab
The Data Lab provides approved researchers with secure access to Survey of Family, Income, and Employment data for waves 1 to 8.

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Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research and analysis.

Future of the New Zealand Income Survey (published 2013)
A report on the decision to integrate the New Zealand Income Survey into the Household Labour Force Survey.

Review of Economic Standard of Living Statistics 2011 (published 2011)
A report on the long-term information needs for economic standard of living, and how current statistics meet this need. Read about actions to address the gaps, and the framework for income, wealth, and consumption statistics over the next 5–10 years.

New Zealand Income Survey Population Rebase: June quarters 1997 to 2008 (including the introduction of Māori benchmarks) (published 2009)
Find out how we use statistical weights and the New Zealand Income Survey (NZIS) sample data to calculate estimates that reflect the whole population. In 2009, we revised all historical NZIS results after we introduced Māori benchmarks to the revised weights.

Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, or a glossary of statistical terms.

Household Economic Survey
Find out about the survey's purpose, its classifications, and how the data is used

New Zealand Income Survey
Find out about the survey's purpose, its classifications, and how the data is used.

Quarterly Employment Survey
Find answers to frequently asked questions about QES, and how the information gathered is used.

Survey of Family, Income, and Employment
Find answers to frequently asked questions about SoFIE, and how the information we gather is used.


Get help to interpret and use our data.

User guide for wage and income measures (published 2013) 
Find out which income and wage measure is most useful for your need. This guide clarifies which questions or situations our different measures are best applied to, and each measure's design and purpose.