Household Labour Force Survey – information releases

These releases provide New Zealand's official employment and unemployment statistics.

Latest releases

The latest releases contain tables on:

  • people employed, unemployed, and not in labour force – actual, seasonally adjusted, and trend
  • total people employed, unemployed and not in labour force by age group, ethnic group, and  regional council area
  • people employed, by sex, and industrial activity of place of employment
  • persons employed full-time and part-time – seasonally adjusted
  • the jobless (those without a job and wanting a job)
  • total actual hours worked
  • household statistics
  • underemployment.

Working-age population table

The Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) estimated working-age population is based on national resident population estimates that are adjusted to be consistent with the scope of the HLFS. The working-age population is an estimate of the usually resident, non-institutionalised, civilian population of New Zealand aged 15 years and over. This table is updated quarterly.

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Time series

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Subject category: Work, income, and spending
Group: Household Labour Force Survey


Source: Household Labour Force Survey
Frequency: Quarterly
Available from: March 1986
Geographic coverage: Regional
ISSN: 1178-0487

Previous releases

You can find previous releases dating back to December 2005 here. For releases before this please complete this request form.