Energy Use Survey: Industrial and trade sectors 2009 (Revised 15 December 2010)

Embargoed until 10:45am  –  15 December 2010


  • The industrial and trade sectors used 287,000 terajoules of energy in 2009, over half of New Zealand’s total estimated energy use for the same period.
  • Manufacturing businesses used 167,000 terajoules of energy in 2009. Transport, postal, and warehousing businesses used 65,000 terajoules.

          Graph, Energy use by sector, 2009.

  • 57 percent of businesses surveyed reported that they were monitoring energy use or cost as an energy saving initiative. 
  • This survey is the second in a three-year economy wide collection of energy use by businesses in New Zealand.

Cathryn Ashley-Jones 15 December 2010
Acting Government Statistician ISSN 1179-3287