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Agriculture, horticulture, and forestry

Our agriculture, horticulture, and forestry statistics give you information about:

  • animal farming (including sheep, beef and dairy cattle, and deer)
  • crop growing (including grain and seed crops, fruit and vegetables, wine grapes, and nursery plants)
  • forestry and farm practices (including irrigation and fertiliser use).

Information releases

Explore our latest agriculture, horticulture, and forestry statistics.

Agricultural Production Statistics 
Find the main provisional and final results from our annual survey or census of New Zealand's farming sector.

Farm expenses price index – tables
Find information on changes in input costs for the New Zealand farming industry.


Analyse the numbers.

Select the following categories from the Infoshare home page:
Subject category: Industry sectors
Group: Agriculture

Find out more about Infoshare.

Agriculture tables
Livestock, horticulture, and forestry tables in NZ.Stat – our web tool for creating and customising tables from large datasets.

Find out more about NZ.Stat. 

2012 Agricultural Census tables (published 2013)
Census data, including regional and territorial authority data where available.

Agricultural production tables for Federation of Māori Authorities (published 2012)
Data about the Federation's members' farming and forestry activities in Aotearoa New Zealand's agricultural, horticultural, and forestry sector. 

2007 Agricultural Census tables (published 2008)
Data includes regional and territorial area information where available.

See Agricultural, horticultural, and forestry data before 2007 for earlier tables.

Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research and analysis.

Agricultural land database matching and data integration: Privacy impact assessment (published 2015)
Considers the risks associated with integrating and matching agricultural land databases that are to be used to provide new insights into relationships between agricultural land use and freshwater quality changes in New Zealand.

Agriculture, horticulture, and forestry domain plan (published 2009)
An outline of the sector's main statistical priorities and how to address them in the near future. The plan covers eight topics and a stocktake of available information, including the gaps identified.

Farm types used in Agricultural Production Statistics (published 2008)
Information on how the change to Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006 affected farm-type categories.

Agricultural Statistics 2002 – reference report (published 2003) 
Background information on the agricultural industry, and detailed analysis and commentary on statistics from the 2002 Census of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Forestry. 

1999 Agricultural production: National and regional changes (published 2000)
An article about national and regional changes seen in the 1999 Agricultural Production Survey.

Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, and a glossary of standard terms.

DataInfo+ allows you to search and browse for information about our statistical activities and data. Find information about the concepts used in agriculture and access the questionnaires.

Agricultural Production Survey 
Find survey and output information for agricultural surveys and censuses.

Agricultural Production Survey questionnaire 2015
Find a sample of the paper questionnaire for the 2015 Agricultural Production Survey.


Get help to interpret and use our data.

Agriculture references page
Find more agricultural production and rural statistics. These include rural population characteristics, business demography, agriculture-related economic statistics (eg exports), energy use, and employment.

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