Background Information

Comparing ANZSIC and NZSIOC


The following tables compare ANZSIC 1996 and 2006 and the New Zealand Standard Industry Output Categories (NZSIOC).

Number of categories

Number of categories   ANZSIC 1996    ANZSIC 2006 NZSIOC
Divisions 17 19  16 
Subdivisions 53  86 31
Groups 158 214 55
Classes 456 506 118
Sub-classes(1) 477 Not applicable  Not applicable 

(1) ANZSIC 1996 contained an additional level to accommodate specific New Zealand-use categories. 

Comparison at the division level

ANZSIC 1996 divisions    ANZSIC 2006 divisions NZSIOC Level One  
A Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing A Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing AA Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
B Mining B Mining BB Mining
C Manufacturing C Manufacturing CC Manufacturing
D Electricity, Gas and Water Supply D Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services DD Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services
E Construction E Construction EE Construction
F Wholesale Trade F Wholesale Trade FF Wholesale Trade
G Retail Trade G Retail Trade GH Retail Trade and Accommodation
H Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants H Accommodation and Food Services
I Transport and Storage I Transport, Postal and WarehousingG Retail Trade II Transport, Postal and Warehousing
J Communication Services J Information Media and Telecommunications JJ Information Media and Telecommunications
K Manufacturing K Financial and Insurance Services kK Financial and Insurance Services
L Property and Business Services L Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services  LL Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services
M Professional, Scientific and Technical Services MN Professional, Scientific, Technical, Administrative and Support Services
  N Administrative and Support Services
M Government Administration and Defence O Public Administration and Safety OO Public Administration and Safety
N Education P Education and Training PP Education and Training
O Health and Community Services Q Health Care and Social Assistance QQ Health Care and Social Assistance
P Culture and Recreational Services R Arts and Recreation Services RS Arts, Recreation and Other Services
Q Personal and Other Services S Other Services