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Imports and exports

Overseas trade statistics give you information about imports and exports of goods and services. Find out about:

  • the value and quantity of imports, exports, and overseas cargo
  • quarterly and annual changes in import and export volumes and prices
  • trade surpluses and deficits.  

Trade in goods measures physical items that are bought and sold (eg food or footwear).

Trade in services measures transactions where no physical product is traded (eg spending by international tourists, or providing advice to an overseas client).

Information releases

Explore our latest import and export statistics.

Goods and Services Trade by Country
Combines information on commodities and service types, by country, to provide a comprehensive picture of economic trade between New Zealand and our main trading partners.

Overseas merchandise trade
Monthly information about the goods New Zealand imports and exports.

Overseas trade indexes
Quarterly information about changes in the volumes (levels) and prices of imported and exported goods, and change in the terms of trade. The terms of trade measures the changing volume of goods imports that can be funded by a fixed volume of exports.

Overseas cargo statistics
Information on the value and volume of cargo loaded and unloaded at New Zealand ports (information releases to year ended June 2007; data continues in Infoshare).

International trade in services
Information about international trade in transport (including international movement of passengers and freight), travel, and commercial services.


Analyse the numbers.

Select the following categories from the Infoshare homepage for imports and exports data.
Subject category: Imports and exports
Group: [11 options are available]

Find out more about Infoshare.

Imports and exports tables 
Imports and exports tables in NZ.Stat – our web tool for creating and customising tables from large datasets.

Find out more about NZ.Stat.

Bulk CSV download for Goods and Services Trade by Country available here.

Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research and analysis.

Consumption goods continue upwards trend in January 2016 (published 2016)
Article discussing reasons for the upward trend in the value of consumption goods imported into New Zealand.

Snapshot of Hawke's Bay economy and exports
Infographics and interactive maps showing Hawke's Bay's economy, and goods exports from Napier Port.

New Zealand trade, investment, and migration by country – fact sheets
These fact sheets provide an overview of New Zealand's trade, investment, and migration flows with selected countries.

Global New Zealand – International trade, investment, and travel profile.
Find six-monthly tables about New Zealand's trade with different countries and regions.

Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, and a glossary of statistical terms.

Explore our metadata for overseas merchandise trade.

Harmonised system 2012 
New Zealand trade classification and coding system that became effective in January 2012.

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