Bioscience Survey: 2011


The following tables are included with this release. They are available in Excel format from the ‘Downloads’ box of Bioscience Survey: 2011 on the Statistics NZ website.

If you do not have access to Excel, you may use the Excel file viewer to view, print, and export the contents of the file.

  1. Organisations using bioscience
  2. Summary of bioscience area of application
  3. Summary of bioscience used by development stage
  4. Regional use of bioscience
  5. New or significantly improved bioscience products or services
  6. Constraints affecting bioscience
  7. Bioscience partnerships and alliances
  8. Protection of bioscience intelectual property
  9. Financial data for core bioscience organisations
  10. Overseas recruitment of staff by core bioscience organisations
  11. Bioscience organisations
  12. Detailed bioscience area of application
  13. Areas to beneit from bioscience application
  14. Detailed bioscience used by development stage
  15. Regional spread of bioscience activities
  16. Bioscience use by core organisations
  17. Bioscience use by active organisations
  18. Bioscience use by research organisations
  19. Purposes of New Zealand bioscience partnerships and alliances
  20. Location of overseas bioscience partnerships and alliances
  21. Informal bioscience partnerships and alliances for sharing information
  22. Rights to use intellectual property
  23. Full-specification bioscience patents granted
  24. Provisional bioscience patents applied for
  25. Plant breeder rights granted
  26. Funding sources for core bioscience expenditure
  27. Bioscience expenditure by core bioscience organisations
  28. Employees in core bioscience organisations by highest qualification
  29. Employees in core bioscience organisations by region