Sexual Orientation Focus Group Research

A Qualitative Study

Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) has sought submissions on the content for the 2006 Census. A number of submissions have been received asking for the inclusion of questions on sexual orientation.

Currently, in New Zealand information on sexual orientation is sparse and is generally restricted to studies on heath research in general and AIDS research in particular. Some regional multi-disciplinary studies amongst particular age groups have been conducted, but there is a question as to how generalisable these would be to the total population.

The availability of data on sexual orientation internationally is also limited. While some countries include questions on sexual orientation in sample surveys, to date no western country has included questions on sexual orientation in their population Census.

Statistics New Zealand sought to undertake focus group research amongst the New Zealand public to gauge public attitudes on the inclusion of sexual orientation questions in the 2006 Census. The research will help to inform decisions on the final content for the 2006 Census.

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