Education and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand

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The second report in the Pacific Progress series, Education and Pacific peoples in New Zealand looks at Pacific peoples’ experience of the education system and the most important factors for educational success. It provides context for policymakers and those who provide education services, and makes recommendations about how to improve Pacific peoples’ levels of educational achievement.

Pacific Progress is a series of reports that examine the place of New Zealand’s Pacific peoples in a number of sectors. The reports present findings of analysis conducted until 2010. They were produced collaboratively by Statistics New Zealand and the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs. Statistics NZ has provided much of the data, analytical support and resources for the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs to lead the analysis and commentary. The objective is to inform how best to improve outcomes for Pacific peoples, a fast-growing population within New Zealand.

Based on 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings data, the reports underpin the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs’ future monitoring of the public sector’s contribution to Pacific peoples’ advancement. Publishing electronically gives the flexibility to refresh regularly. The Pacific Progress series will be updated following each census. In intervening years, the indicators in the Ministry of Social Development’s Social Report will enable us to track progress.

The Pacific Progress series will be of wide value. We believe the analysis will make a positive contribution to the work of many agencies that already have in place programmes and policies to enhance outcomes for Pacific peoples. For those not already doing so we hope the reports may serve as a prompt.

Enhancing outcomes for New Zealand’s Pacific peoples is critical. A productive and prosperous New Zealand will be increasingly associated with productive and prosperous Pacific New Zealanders.

Colin Tukuitonga
Chief Executive
Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs
Geoff Bascand
Government Statistician
Statistics New Zealand 

This report was prepared by Melissa Brewerton of Te Whiti Consulting.
We would also like to acknowledge the following contributors:
Ministry of Education: Dean Alexander, Lesiele Tongati’o, David Lambie and Ezra Schuster.
Education Review Office: Jan Adams and Diane Anderson.
New Zealand Qualifications Authority: Leilani Buchan and Karen Chalmers.
Tertiary Education Commission: Debbie Ryan.

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Statistics New Zealand and Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs (2010). Education and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand.
Wellington: Author.

Published in June 2010 by
Statistics New Zealand and the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs
Wellington, New Zealand
ISBN 978-0-478-35345-7 (online)