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Time use statistics provide information about how New Zealand residents aged 12 years and over spend their time. This includes details about the amount of time people spent on paid and unpaid work, education, leisure, and personal care, what time of day these activities occur, and who they are with. Information on the characteristics of the people doing the activities, including their age, sex, ethnicity, and labour force status, are also collected.

About the Time Use Survey 

Information releases

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Time Use Survey
Time use statistics provide a unique perspective of people’s behaviour, standard of living, social roles, work-life balance, and social well-being. 


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Data Lab
Microdata for Time Use Survey 2009/10 and 1998/99 is available from the Data Lab.

Supplementary tables from Time Use Survey: 2009/10
Excel tables containing variables such as highest qualification, personal income, household income, region, urban/rural, and NZ Deprivation index quintiles.

Time Use Survey: 2009/10 tables
Excel tables from Time Use Survey: 2009/10  

Time Use Survey: 1998/99 tables
Excel tables from Time Use Survey: 1998/99.

The updated Activity Classification for the Time Use Survey was applied to the 1998/99 data for the 2009/10 release. This was so we could make comparisons with the 2009/10 data. This means there are differences between the originally published 1998/99 tables and data from the 1998/99 survey recently published in the 2009/10 set of tables. 

Māori time use tables
Links to Excel tables that contain information relating to Māori. These tables are from Time Use Survey: 1998/99. 

Reports and articles

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Caring for children: Findings from the 2009/10 Time Use Survey (published 2013)
Report analysing the time parents spend with their children.

The effect of geographical location on New Zealanders’ use of time: Facts from the New Zealand Time Use Survey: 2009/10 (published 2011)
Report about how geographic location affects how New Zealanders spend their time, using an urban versus rural comparison, and a regional comparison.

Who are Kiwis spending their time with? – Findings from the 2009/10 Time Use Survey (published 2011)
Poster showing information on the nature and frequency of social contact for a range of people in different circumstances. 

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Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, and a glossary of statistical terms.

Activity Classification for the Time Use Survey

Consultation: Time Use Survey: 2009/10

Data dictionary for Time Use Survey: 2009/10

Time Use Survey: 2009/10 – questionnaires

Time Use Survey diary

User guide for Time Use Survey: 2009/10 

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About the Time Use Survey

The first New Zealand time use survey was run as a joint project with the Ministry of Women's Affairs in 1998/99. A second survey, conducted from September 2009 to August 2010, was run by Statistics NZ and was designed to be comparable with the 1998/99 survey. The first information from the 2009/10 survey was released on Tuesday, 21 June 2011.

Time Use Survey: 2009/10 – information for survey respondents