Focusing on Women: 2005

What it's about

Focusing on Women 2005 looks at the demographic, social and economic characteristics of women in New Zealand. The report provides an overview of the changing status of New Zealand women. It compares their present status with that of men, and with women in the past.

The aim of the report is to inform policy makers, community groups, students and the public about the current position of women and changes that have occurred over the past 30 years. It measures the factors affecting women's lives, such as education, family situation, income and health.

Data sources for the report include the 2001 Census of Population and Dwellings, earlier censuses, and official statistics from other sources, including the Ministries of Education, Health and Justice, and Police.

Included in the report is a timeline of events that are important to women, starting with women winning the right to vote in 1893 and continuing to the present day.

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Published 2 June 2005

Catalogue number 16.001
ISBN 0-478-26926-9
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