Urban and rural dwellers' reasons for moving

Moving from previous residence

People move for a variety of reasons and the decision-making process is complex. The reasons for moving may differ markedly from reasons for choosing to live at the current residence. Taken together, these two sets of reasons describe the factors that drive people away from residences and those that attract people to new residences.

People moving within rural areas (centres with populations less than 1,000) moved from their homes mainly for employment reasons, primarily for better employment opportunities or to start a new job, as can be seen in the graph below. This was followed by economic reasons, such as having purchased or built a dwelling, or sold a dwelling. Moves within urban areas (centres with populations of 1,000 or more) were mainly for the same economic reasons, but setting up home independently or moving with other people who were also moving were important social reasons for moving from a previous urban residence.

A move from a rural to an urban area was mostly driven by economic and employment reasons, but education-related reasons such as moving for your own or other’s education were also important factors. In contrast, when people chose to move from an urban residence to a rural residence, it was also frequently environmental factors prompting the move, such as not being satisfied with previous lifestyle.

Figure 1

Graph, Main Reason for Moving From Previous Residence.