Population grows across New Zealand

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There was population growth across New Zealand in the June 2009 year, Statistics New Zealand said today. The rate of population growth increased for many subnational areas, largely due to an increase in New Zealand's net gain from permanent and long-term migration (from 4,700 in the June 2008 year to 12,500 in the June 2009 year). In addition, a number of subnational areas had a small population increase in the June 2009 year compared with a population decrease in the June 2008 year.

All of New Zealand's 16 regions recorded population growth in the June 2009 year. Auckland and Canterbury – the two most populated regions – were the fastest-growing in the June 2009 year, with growth rates of 1.5 percent and 1.2 percent, respectively. 

In total, 65 of the 73 territorial authority areas recorded a population increase in the June 2009 year (up from 59 in the preceding year). The fastest-growing territorial authority areas were Selwyn district (up 2.8 percent) and Queenstown-Lakes district (up 2.6 percent).

In the June 2009 year, Tauranga (up 1.6 percent) retained its position as New Zealand's fastest-growing main urban area and Pukekohe (up 1.9 percent) continued to be New Zealand's fastest-growing secondary urban area. At 30 June 2009, 78 of every 100 New Zealand residents lived in either a main or secondary urban area.

Geoff Bascand 23 October 2009
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