Māori population estimates

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Māori population estimates from 30 June 2006 onwards were obtained by updating the base population of the Māori ethnic group (at 30 June 2006) for births, deaths, estimated net migration, and estimated inter-ethnic mobility during the ensuing period.

Māori population estimates for the years 2001–06 have been revised using results from the 2001 and 2006 Censuses. These revised estimates are contained in the downloadable Excel files included above.

Māori population estimates for the years 1991–2000 have been derived by using results from the 2001 Census. The estimates are produced independently of results from the 1991 and 1996 Censuses, because of changes to the question on ethnicity. For this reason, the above estimates of the Māori population at 30 June 1996 differ from the estimates provided in the population base tables, which are based on results from the 1996 Census.

Infoshare tables

Historical population estimates before 1995 for Māori by age and sex are available in Infoshare. Infoshare enables users to create, view, and download their own customised tables. Māori de facto population estimates were discontinued in the mid- 1990s. This is due to the change in concept from 'de facto' to 'resident' population.

To access Maori de facto population estimates in Infoshare select 'show discontinued' below the 'subject categories' heading. Estimates by age and sex are available under Population Estimates - DPE in the 'Population' subject category.

Additional information

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