National Population Estimates – information releases

These information releases provide national population estimates, including quarterly and annual changes in the resident population, and estimated population numbers for selected age groups.

Note: National population estimates information releases are now only published yearly in mid-August for the June reference period. Quarterly updates are still available on Infoshare.

  • Historical population estimates tables provide national population estimates for the year ended June (1937–2013) and December (1926–2013)
  • Infoshare contains annual and quarterly updates of national population estimates by single-year of age, five-year age groups, and selected age groups. Select the following categories from the Infoshare homepage:
    • Subject category: Population
    • Group: Population Estimates

Latest releases

The latest releases contain tables on:

  • estimated resident population and population change
  • estimated age composition.

Population estimates based on the 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings were first released in August 2007 for the June 2007 quarter. Included in this release were quarterly estimates back to June 2006, superseding previously published estimates that were based on the 2001 Census. Quarterly population estimates from the March 2001 to March 2006 quarters were revised in September 2007 using results from the 2001 and 2006 Censuses. These revised estimates are contained in the latest releases starting from the September 2007 quarter, and in the tables under Information about the Population Estimates.

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Time series

Access time-series data from the Infoshare database.

Subject category: Population
Group: Population Estimates


Source: Statistics New Zealand, Population Statistics Unit
Frequency: Quarterly to September 2012 quarter; annually from 2013
Available from: March 2003 quarter
Geographic coverage: National
ISSN: 1178-0576

Previous releases

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