Population indicators

Downloadable MS Excel file

Data from 1991 onwards (year ended 31 December) is available in the following Excel file.

The following population indicators are available to download:

  • Population: (mean estimated resident) total, males, females, median age, sex ratio (males per 100 females)
  • Births: total live, median age of mother
  • Deaths: total, infant deaths
  • Natural increase (births minus deaths)
  • Marriages: total, median age of bridegroom, median age of bride
  • Divorce: total, median age of husband, median age of wife
  • Permanent and long-term migration: arrivals, departures, net (arrivals minus departures)
  • Life expectancy at birth: males, females, difference (female minus male)
  • Total fertility rate

Note: All data refers to the New Zealand resident population.

The downloadable file is in Microsoft Excel format. If you do not have access to Excel you may use the Excel file viewer to view, print and export the contents of this file.