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Population mythbusters

In population mythbusters we examine some common beliefs about population in New Zealand to see whether they hold any truth. By subjecting these facts, fudges, and fallacies to a range of ingenious tests we hope to clarify confusion, bury misconceptions, and encourage debate.

Some of these beliefs make demographers and other people working with population information shake our heads in despair, scratch our heads in thought, or just yell 'No!'

Many of these beliefs persist over time while others apply to a more specific historical context. Whether these ‘myths’ prove to be true or false, the ideas behind them remain useful to anyone interested in our society and economy over time. You’ll find links to the most recent data related to each topic at the end of each page.

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We are on the lookout for more population myths to verify. If you know of another population myth or misconception that you would like us to analyse, please contact us at