Yearbook collection: 1893–2012

The New Zealand Official Yearbook has provided a comprehensive statistical picture of life in New Zealand since 1893. ‘Handbooks’ of statistical information go back even further.

We have digitised the following editions of the yearbook. More will be added over time.

The New Zealand Official Yearbook 2012 is also available online.

Viewing and using the yearbooks

Choose a yearbook from the list below and press Ctrl+F to search within it using keywords. Our website's main search box will not search within these files.

You can copy and paste tables into Excel.

We were unable to get copyright approval for all the images in the 1990–2010 yearbooks so they have been removed.

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Our digitised publications use web technology to enhance their searchability and usability.

Although we tested samples of the data, we cannot guarantee all information in these digitised versions is accurate. Note that we created them by rekeying information from microfiche copies of the original.

Historical issues may contain language or views that reflect the time in which they were written and may be considered inappropriate or offensive today.

We made all efforts to ensure we complied with copyright legislation. We recommend that you contact the owner of the work as listed with the image if you wish to reuse the image.