New Zealand in Profile: 2010

New Zealand lies around 1,600km from Australia’s eastern coast (a three-hour flight) and 9,000–12,000km from all Pacific Rim destinations (10- to 16-hour flight). Auckland has the busiest of the several airports servicing international travellers. Peak travel months are during summer, from December to February.

2009 2004

Short-term travel

Overseas visitor arrivals 2.4 2.3
NZ-resident departures 1.9 1.5

New Zealand’s top 10 visitor source countries for 2009 were the five listed below, followed by Germany, the Republic of Korea, Canada, Singapore, and Fiji

Top five visitor source countries

2009 2004
Country of last permanent residence (thousand)
Australia 1,008 782
United Kingdom 262 278
United States of America 197 213
China, People’s Republic of 108 74
Japan 88 161

Note: All data refers to June years.

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