New Zealand in Profile: 2010

Most New Zealanders (86%) surveyed in 2008 reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with their life overall. The majority (88%) reported excellent, very good, or good general health. Over 90% agreed or strongly agreed that it is good that people in New Zealand can have different values and ways of living.


Percentage of population
Overall life satisfaction
Very satisfied/satisfied 85.8
Self-assessed general health status
Excellent/very good/good 87.5
Social contact
Had face-to-face contact with family (over 4-week period) 83.7
Never felt isolated from surrounding people 66.8
Undertook voluntary work(1) 32.6
Undertook unpaid work(2) 64.6
Safety and security
Very safe/safe walking alone in neighbourhood at night 52.4
Can access support in a time of crisis 96.4
Household has stored emergency water 40.7
Household recycles all/most items 73.9
Household minimises energy use all/most of the time 53.9

(1) Worked for a group or organisation.
(2) Worked for someone living in another household.