Business Toolbox

Boost your small business with the information in our Business Toolbox.
Click here for market mapper.  

Find your target market

Use our Market Mapper to:
  • locate your market by age, sex, income, household, or family type
  • zoom in on regions, areas, and suburbs.

Note: Market Mapper uses 2006 Census data and reflects the boundaries of that time, which are different to those now in effect as a result of the Auckland Council restructure in 2010. For more information, please visit

Click here for industry profiler.

Compare your business with competitors

Use our Industry Profiler to:
  • get stats on small businesses by industry and region
  • compare numbers of new businesses, worker turnover, survival rates, and average earnings for staff.

Go to our Industry Benchmarks page

Benchmark your business performance against competitors

Use our Industry Benchmarks link to Inland Revenue’s website to:
  • compare your financial performance against similar firms in your industry and identify areas where you may differ
  • find information to help you make decisions for improving your business performance.
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Demo videos on YouTube

Need help using Business Toolbox? Watch our demo videos on the Statistics NZ's YouTube channel:

  1. Business Toolbox: Industry Profiler 
  2. Business Toolbox: Market Mapper