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Māori Last modified Thursday February 5, 2015

... Like the myriad of stars in the heavens, so is the essence of mankind spread
across the land. Māori information needs. ... Find information about Māori. ...

2013 Census QuickStats about Māori Last modified Tuesday January 27, 2015

... 2013 Census QuickStats about Māori. Embargoed until 10:45am – 03
December 2013. ... How Māori are counted in the census. ...

2013 Census QuickStats about Māori Last modified Tuesday January 27, 2015

... population. Over a fifth of Māori can hold a conversation in te reo Māori. ...
One in five Māori speak more than one language. In ...

Māori ethnicity Last modified Tuesday November 18, 2014

... People and households. Māori ethnicity. Iwi. Ethnicity. Electorate. ... Māori ethnicity.
2013 Census map – age group and sex, Māori ethnic group. ...

Māori Descent Last modified Thursday December 19, 2013

... Māori Descent. Table of contents. View all chapters +, Previous Chapter, |,
Next Chapter. Māori ... whenua. Classification of Māori descent. ...

Environment domain plan 2013 Last modified Friday July 5, 2013

... Māori environmental statistics questions. ... Māori Land Online; Our
Environment. Māori environmental statistics initiatives. ...

Tatauranga Umanga Māori 2014: Statistics on Māori ... Last modified Tuesday September 2, 2014

... Tatauranga Umanga Māori 2014: Statistics on Māori authorities. Table of
contents. ... Read the media release: Māori authorities have a future focus. ...

Measuring te reo Māori speakers Last modified Friday September 26, 2014

... Measuring te reo Māori speakers: A guide to different data sources. Embargoed
until 10:45am – 26 September 2014. Table of contents. ...

Māori Population Estimates Last modified Thursday November 13, 2014

... Māori Population Estimates – information releases. These tables provide
estimates of the Māori population of New Zealand at a given date. ...

Te Ao Mārama 2014 (Māori) Last modified Friday January 30, 2015

... ngā tauanga, mō ngā tātaringa whai hua o ēnei raraunga me ētahi atu kōrero
e pā ana ki te iwi Māori, tēnā whakapā atu ki ...

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