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... 2, 3, Suicide. 4, ... 6, 7, 1. Suicide deaths, by sex. 8, 2. Suicide deaths, by age
group and sex. 9, 3. Suicide deaths, by sex and broad ethnic group. ...

table c5 4

... 15, Table 1: Suicide Deaths, by sex and ethnicity, 1998 (provisional), pg 9.
16, Table 3: Youth Suicides, by sex and ethnicity, 1998 (provisional), pg ...

Ministry of Health Last modified Tuesday June 5, 2012

... As a consequence, data may be several years old for some causes of death
(such as suicide) before the coverage of this particular cause is ...

Serious injury outcome indicator reports Last modified Wednesday November 25, 2015

... The six priority areas, as identified by the NZIPS, were: motor-vehicle traffic
crashes; suicide and deliberate self-harm; falls; assault; workplace injuries ...

Health Last modified Saturday January 11, 2014

... Suicide. The number of suicide deaths per 100,000 people. Next Chapter:
Perceived discrimination. Previous Chapter: About. ...

Loneliness in New Zealand: Findings from the 2010 NZ ... Last modified Tuesday April 23, 2013

... Social isolation is identified as a factor in the development of suicide behaviours
in the New Zealand suicide prevention strategy 2006–2016. ...

Yearbook collection: 1893–2012 Last modified Monday February 22, 2016

Go to Statistics New Zealand homepage. Contact us; Feedback; Help.
Search. Home; Browse for stats; Data tools and services; ...

Release of work-related injury indicators rescheduled Last modified Thursday August 4, 2016

... unpaid workers and volunteers; workers commuting to and from work;
injuries as a result of suicide or intentional self-harm; ...

Preliminary view of 2018 Census content: For public ... Last modified Friday May 1, 2015

... For example, to investigate population ageing and to provide the base
population for fertility, mortality, morbidity, suicide, and accident and crime ...

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