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Help for survey participants

Taking part in a Statistics NZ survey

Have you been asked to participate in a Statistics New Zealand survey? This page links you to answers to frequently asked questions, information about the survey you have been selected for, and the people to contact if you need help.

We are grateful for your participation. Tēnā koe.

Stats NZ ID update

Stats NZ survey interviewers will for a period have identification with the old Statistics NZ logo and with the new Stats NZ logo.

Kaikōura earthquake

Statistics NZ has resumed business and household surveys in Kaikōura to provide better information about the region and the community. We will work with any survey participants who have ongoing earthquake-related issues. For more information please contact us:

Business surveys: 0800 809 464

Household surveys: 0800 333 106

All surveys: surveys@stats.govt.nz

Image, Statistics NZ collects data in different ways.

Statistics NZ collects data from individuals, households, and businesses using a survey questionnaire. We may ask you to take part in a face-to-face interview or a telephone interview with our staff – or to complete the questionnaire yourself, on a paper or electronic form.

We count on you – regional pamphlets

Collecting information through our surveys has enabled us to create the regional pamphlet We count on you that contains a snapshot of data from your region.

Data is from the 2013 Census, the Household Labour Force Survey, and the NZ General Social Survey.

Find out about Statistics NZ surveys

Statistics NZ survey charter: Our commitment to you

The Statistics NZ survey charter sets out how we will work with you if you’re asked to participate in one of our surveys.

Frequently asked questions about our surveys

Wondering if you have to take part in our surveys, or what we do with your information? If you have a general question about our surveys, you may find the answer here.

Information about our surveys: A–Z of surveys

An alphabetical list linking you to specific information about each of our individual and household surveys and business surveys.

What we do to reduce burden on survey participants

We are committed to reducing the burden of our surveys on survey participants. Find out what we're doing.

Related information

Page updated 10 March 2017

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