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Quarterly international investment survey

Survey at a glance

Purpose Collect information on New Zealand's international investment transactions and positions
Population Approximately 4,000
Sample Approximately 500
Frequency Quarterly
Results Balance of Payments and International Investment Position statistics

About the survey

What is the Quarterly International Investment Survey (QIIS)?

The Quarterly International Investment Survey (QIIS) is a survey of a selection of those New Zealand businesses located in New Zealand that are wholly or partly foreign owned, including New Zealand branches of overseas businesses; those New Zealand businesses that have ownership interests in businesses located overseas, including branches; and those New Zealand businesses that have financial asset and liability positions with overseas residents. Where groups of businesses are involved, the business surveyed is normally the top New Zealand business of the group. The top business (often a holding company) is asked to report for the whole New Zealand group, unless circumstances require separate reporting by members of the group.

What does the QIIS measure?

The data collected measures, each quarter, New Zealand's international investment transactions and positions (balance sheet). Both sides of the account are measured; New Zealand's investment overseas (international assets) and foreign investment in New Zealand (international liabilities), together with the income earned (profits, dividends and interest) from the investments. The survey measures approximately 95 percent of New Zealand's international financial asset and liability balance sheet positions. The remaining 5 percent of the balance sheet is measured in the Annual International Investment Survey (AIIS). The results are published in the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, each quarter, within 12 weeks after the end of the survey quarter.

What are the International Investment Position and Balance of Payments?

The International Investment Position is New Zealand's balance sheet with the rest of the world at the end of each quarter, and includes reporting on New Zealand's overseas debt. The Balance of Payments measures New Zealand's business transactions with the rest of the world each quarter. The main accounts are the current account (chiefly exports and imports of goods and services, and investment income earned and paid); and the financial account, measuring transactions in the economy's international equity assets and liabilities, and international borrowing and lending.

Who is included in this survey?

The population size for this survey is approximately 4,000 and the sample for this survey is approximately 500. All New Zealand located banks and other businesses with significant international balance sheets are selected, and a selection of the remaining New Zealand businesses which have international balance sheets.

What is this information used for?

The international investment position and balance of payments statistics are used:

  • domestically, by those engaged in financial market operation, policy development and the provision of advice and analysis, including New Zealand government agencies, especially the New Zealand Treasury and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • internationally, by major credit rating agencies in their assessments of New Zealand, and by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in it's economic monitoring and assessment role.

Why do the survey quarterly?

So that the status of New Zealand's balance of payments (BOP) is known on a more regular basis. There is a strong demand for New Zealand to produce these statistics quarterly. This is especially important because of the size of our current account deficit. The current account deficit shows the extent to which New Zealand is financed from offshore.top

Completing your electronic survey

We now provide an Excel version of this survey. We will contact you to outline how you can make the switch from the paper to the electronic survey.

If you have not yet been contacted and would like to receive an Excel version of this survey, email us at bopqiis@stats.govt.nz and include your company reference number.

Frequently asked questions about online collection has more on completing your survey electronically. top

About giving data

If our business is included in the survey, who should complete the survey?


How often does this survey take place?

This survey takes place quarterly.

Why is it such a large questionnaire?

It is a large questionnaire because we are collecting information that enables us to publish data at some detail for BOP and IIP on a quarterly and an annual basis. To avoid duplication of data collection and inconsistency in data reporting between quarterly and annual, the annual data requirements are consolidated with the quarterly requirements. There is a contents page and routing throughout the questionnaire to help you in determining what parts of the questionnaire are applicable to your organisation.

I have completed the Annual International Investment Survey as at 31 March and from June you are asking me to complete the Quarterly International Investment Survey. Why?

The Annual International Investment Survey (AIIS) is carried out once a year at 31 March. The purpose of the AIIS is to collect stock (positions) data for respondents that are not in QIIS. The AIIS results is used to provide an estimate of the non-sampled coverage in QIIS and also to update the sample population for QIIS. As a result of the sample update, your enterprise has now become eligible for this survey. A review of the QIIS sample is carried at every year at the end of June.

Where do I source the information required to complete the survey?

The information required to complete the survey is generally available from quarterly management accounts and or annual accounts. The general ledger should provide detail information on the counter-party to each of the financial transactions of the company.

Can I provide estimates when actual data is not available in time for the survey deadline?

Yes, we would appreciate you providing us with your best estimate. Where estimates are made then these should be stated in the questionnaire. Statistics New Zealand does revise previous quarter's data so any estimates can be revised with actual data when this becomes available.

Is the separate booklet of explanatory notes available electronically?

Yes, it is in the available files.

The downloadable file is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download the reader to view or print the contents of this file. top

About your obligations

Why should I provide the information to Statistics New Zealand?

Under the Statistics Act 1975 you must provide the information requested by Statistics New Zealand. It is also important that information from all of the businesses surveyed is accurately represented in the statistical results.

Will I be paid for providing information to Statistics New Zealand?

Providing information to Statistics New Zealand is a statutory obligation. There is no provision in the Statistics Act 1975 for people to be paid for providing information. Where possible, we request information in a way that is easily obtainable from business records. We also recognise that completing survey questionnaires can be time consuming. For some surveys, we provide survey respondents with information that can be useful for your business planning purposes. Also, survey results are available free of charge on the Statistics New Zealand website.

Do I have to complete this questionnaire?

Businesses selected for any Statistics New Zealand survey must provide the information requested. This is a legal requirement under the Statistics Act 1975.

We appreciate that it can be difficult and time consuming to complete survey forms. If you would prefer to provide information by fax or by email, please phone our Survey Help Desk on 0800 809 464 to discuss these options.top

About using information

What data is currently published?

Information published quarterly includes:

  • BOP current account, capital and financial account
  • international investment position statement
  • breakdowns of international assets and liabilities by:
    • instrument.
    • currency of denomination.
    • institutional sector.
    • residual maturity.

Information published annually includes:

  • the stock and flow of direct, portfolio and other investment by country.
  • international assets and liabilities by region.

For more information see Balance of Payments.

Are results from the Quarterly International Investment Survey available?

Yes, free standard results are available each quarter. Use this link for information on the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position statistics and this link for key results from other Statistics New Zealand surveys.

Is statistical information available?

Many statistics are available to you and your business as it is 'public good' information. This means that you can access this information free of charge, from this website, or by contacting our Customer Services staff via email info@stats.govt.nz, or by phone at your nearest Statistics New Zealand office. Our newsletters also contain information which you may find useful. The information available could assist you in business planning and for monitoring business performance.

Does Statistics New Zealand have information useful for my business?

We can provide information that could help your business. For instance we have information that can help in:

  • assessing future population trends
  • economic monitoring
  • target marketing
  • profiling an area
  • estimating your market share
  • assessing consumer spending patterns
  • benchmarking your business.

Further explanation can be found in Business Helper, a web-based guide for business users. We can also provide statistics that enable a comparison of the results of your business with industry results. Contact our Information Centre for more information on Business Helper or on business profiling, please phone toll free 0508 525 525, or send an email to info@stats.govt.nz.

Who should I contact for further information about this survey?

Contact Salendra Kumar or Peter Roche via email surveys@stats.govt.nz or by phone 0800 809 464.top

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