Business helper


Business marketing contains a list of variables (characteristics) about groups of businesses. The topic is split into three sub-topics: business trends, business financial information and specific industry information. The area shows the finest geographic level at which data is generally available.

Business trends – ' trends about business demographics'

 number of businesses  meshblock (neighbourhood block)
 industry  meshblock
 location  meshblock
 business size (by number of employees)  meshblock
 number of employees  meshblock
 type of business: partnership, company etc  national

To discuss the statistics available, please contact our Information Centre.

Business financial information – 'the financial health of selected industries'

 industry  national
 income from sales  national
 other income by source  national
 expenditure by major categories and selected items  national
 value of purchases  national
 disposal of fixed assets  national
 financial ratios, profitability and liability structure  national

To discuss the statistics available, please contact our Information Centre.

Specific industry information – 'from agriculture to wholesale trade'

  • Agriculture includes livestock numbers, land area in crops, and horticulture (down to regional council area).
  • Commercial accommodation includes guest nights, occupancy rates, capacity rates, average length of stay, accommodation type and the residential origin of guests (various).
  • Tourism includes statistics on international visitors plus accommodation occupancy and more.
  • Manufacturing includes income, operating expenditure, capital expenditure and hours worked (various).
  • Retail trade includes sales and stocks of more than 15 different storetypes (various).
  • Building activity is measured by consents and estimates of the value of work put in place. Consents data includes the number and value of permits for new dwellings and alterations (down to area unit 'suburb' level).
  • Information technology includes total income, export income and the size of the information technology sector in New Zealand (national).
  • Energy sector (electricity, petroleum and gas) includes power generated, petroleum processed, gas produced and price movements (national).
  • Wholesale trade includes the sale of goods and stock levels (national).
  • Business activity includes sales by industry.

Free detailed geographic data

Information by area – data down to the suburb (area unit) level, including number of businesses, number of people and households, and much more.

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