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Data Archive collections

The data held in the Data Archive is a valuable source of information for researchers on a wide variety of topics from the 1970s to the present.

Go to the Data Archive collections page to see what is available in the Data Archive.

Access process for approved researchers

If you would like to access data from the Data Archive, submit your research project application for approval by the Government Statistician. For details about this process and contractual requirements, see the Microdata access page.

For more information about Statistics New Zealand's Microdata services email:

About the Data Archive

The Statistics New Zealand Data Archive is a central repository for all the important statistical datasets and associated documentation, metadata, and publications that Statistics New Zealand produces. It also acts as a safe repository for datasets produced by other government agencies and government-funded statistical studies.

The key difference between the Statistics New Zealand Data Archive and other digital archives is that it contains primarily statistical data at unit record level. The unit record data is archived when it is no longer in regular use by its producer.

The Statistics New Zealand Data Archive adheres to the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) framework that was developed by NASA. The OAIS represents a best practice approach to archiving.


The Statistics New Zealand Data Archive holds statistical data for the purpose of preservation and access. Our aim is to establish and maintain a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment for statistical data and its supporting documentation to ensure that it remains accessible and usable in the future as an enduring national statistical resource.

Preservation measures applied in the Data Archive include procedures to ensure that files are migrated to the most recent file formats and regular checking to verify the on-going integrity of the files.

When a study is archived, the following supporting documentation is archived together with unit record data:

  • information about survey design and datasets
  • variable descriptions (data dictionary)
  • related publications
  • survey questionnaires.

Contact the Data Archive

For more information about the Statistics New Zealand Data Archive contact us at: