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Access our microdata

Image, Microdata Access. Statistics New Zealand provides access to microdata (data about specific people, households, or businesses) to support research.

Access to microdata is carefully managed to protect confidentiality. No information about individual people, households, or businesses may be published or disseminated.

More information is available on the Microdata access protocols web page.

Please contact us to discuss your research and to find the best microdata product for your project.

In-depth research using microdata

If you want to analyse more detailed statistics – at the level of individual people, households or businesses –- you can apply for access based on the requirements of the Statistics Act 1975. Approved researchers can work in our secure Data Lab.

Information on how to apply, and pricing, is available on the Data Lab web page.

Latest information

2013 Census standard datasets available in the Data Lab 
From 8 April 2014, a number of standard 2013 Census datasets are available through the Data Lab. There is no charge for creating datasets from 2013 Census data, but standard pricing for access and use of the Data Lab apply.

Exploratory research

Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) are microdata that have been modified to protect the confidentiality of the respondents. CURFs can be useful for a wide range of exploratory research.

Information on how to apply, and pricing, is available on the Confidentialised unit record files web page.

Research teaching

Synthetic Unit Record Files (SURFs) contain synthetic data that mimic the characteristics of real microdata. Anyone may access SURFs free of charge. SURFs are useful for teaching purposes at secondary and tertiary levels.

More information is available on the SURF web page.

Microdata research 

Visit our Microdata research page to find out which organisations are using our microdata and what projects they are using it for. The page also contains links to resources that researchers may find useful.

Contact details


Phone: +64 4 931 4178 or +64 4 931 4608

Address: Microdata Access Team, Statistics New Zealand, PO Box 2922, Wellington 6144

Page updated 9 April 2014