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Business Performance Newsletter – June 2004

1. Business Performance Strategy update

Recently we have started a project to investigate New Zealands screen production industry. A discussion report, definitions and a range of outputs to measure the size of the industry are due to be completed by the end of October.

To encourage communication we have set up a new email address for Business Performance – businessperformance@stats.govt.nz. We appreciate any comments, questions and feedback you have.


2. Research and Communication

We are currently developing new areas of statistical research into business performance. One project is a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Economic Development, linking qualitative information from a business practices survey from 2000 with financial and other exploratory information. Our aim is to support research from the Firm Foundations report (Ministry of Economic Development, 2002) and to explore industry level factors in economic growth.

Other projects include more complex research into innovation, R&D statistics, ICT accounting, productivity and factors of firm level growth.

To provide feedback please contact Peter Meadows (peter.meadows@stats.govt.nz).


3. Innovation Survey - Report and Free Seminar

Statistics New Zealand and the Ministry of Research Science and Technology (MoRST) are co-hosting a free seminar in Wellington on 21 July 2004 to introduce a report produced from the Innovation Survey 2003. Initial results from the survey were released on 16 April 2004.

The Innovation Survey is designed to develop an understanding of the contribution of technological innovation to the New Zealand economy by producing current and meaningful statistics on the level and characteristics of innovative activity carried out by New Zealand businesses.

This seminar will be useful to researchers, analysts and others who are interested in this field. For more information or to register for this seminar contact Business Performance.

Other information on innovation can be found on our website. For further information please contact Hamish Hill (hamish.hill@stats.govt.nz).


4. Business Financing

Work is continuing on the Business Financing Survey, with an aim to conduct the survey in August 2004. The survey will examine demand side finance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in New Zealand. Our aim is to produce some information in early 2005 with a more detailed report due in mid-2005.

For further information please contact Hamish Hill (hamish.hill@stats.govt.nz).


5. Research and Development Survey (R&D)

The R&D Survey is currently being redesigned for the 2003/04 reference year collection (R&D 2004). The R&D Survey measures the level of research and development activity, employment and expenditure by private sector enterprises, government departments, government-owned trading entities, and universities. The last survey was conducted in 2002, with initial results and a report published in 2003.

There are a number of changes to R&D 2004 from the collection in 2002:

  • Some changes were made to the definitions.
  • There was considerable effort put into reducing the amount of time needed to answer the questionnaire.
  • Previously the survey relied on a list plus a random component, in this collection more focus has been placed on a random component.

For further information please contact Michael Landman (micheal.landman@stats.govt.nz).


6. Biotechnology

Businesses are now being selected for the biotechnology survey. These are expected to have some form of biotechnology activity in the 2003/04 reference year. This survey is due to be conducted in August 2004 with first results from this survey scheduled to be released April 2005. A more comprehensive redevelopment, planned for the 2005/06 year, will incorporate work currently being undertaken by New Zealand Trade and Enterprises (NZTE) in developing a measurement framework for the Biotechnology sector.

Other information on biotechnology can be found on our website . For further information please contact Michael Landman (michael.landman@stats.govt.nz).


7. Information and communication technology (ICT)

Statistics New Zealand is continuing to develop future ICT statistics for New Zealand in three main areas.

Work is now underway to complete the design of a survey of Internet Service Providers. This is scheduled to be held in early 2005. The current annual IT Survey, which measures the output of the IT and telecommunications industry, is being redesigned in line with international practices. It will be put into the field in August 2005. Use of Internet technologies in the home will also be surveyed in the Household Use of ICT survey which is being designed over the coming months. Collection and publication of this work will also take place in 2005.

In other international developments, Statistics New Zealand is planning a conference on ICT statistical measurement in the Asia-Pacific region for late November. This group of national statisticians are meeting to discuss methods and issues behind the development of ICT statistics. For the 2004 meeting, international comparability is high on the agenda for discussion.

For further information please contact Gareth Meech (gareth.meech@stats.govt.nz).


8. Productivity

A discussion paper is being developed on the considerations of choosing a multifactor productivity measure for New Zealand. This paper will be released later in July for comment.

The labour volume series component of productivity is well underway and is expected to be refined by the end of 2004. More information on the release schedule for the labour volume and labour productivity series is expected to be released in the September-quarter edition of the business performance newsletter.

For further information please contact Katy Henderson (katy.henderson@stats.govt.nz).


9. Who's who in Business Performance

Eileen Boyte, Manager (eileen.boyte@stats.govt.nz)
Gareth Meech, ICT project leader (gareth.meech@stats.govt.nz)
Nairn MacGibbon, Surveys project leader (Nairn.MacGibbon@stats.govt.nz)
Peter Meadows, Research coordinator (peter.meadows@stats.govt.nz)
Hamish Hill, Innovation and business financing project leader (hamish.hill@stats.govt.nz)
Michael Landman, Biotechnology project leader (michael.landman@stats.govt.nz)
Katy Henderson, Productivity (katy.henderson@stats.govt.nz)
Jacqui Gebbie, Research and communication (jacqui.gebbie@stats.govt.nz)
Leo Shen, Screen production analyst (leo.shen@stats.govt.nz)

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