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Business Performance Newsletter – May 2009

1. Business Performance & Energy group update

Another four months have flown by since the last newsletter. In this period we have published most of our releases for 2009 – these included: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Supply, Business Operations Survey, Research and Development (R&D), and the Screen Industry Survey, with Energy End Use due out in July. All releases were based on the new ANZSIC 06 industrial classifications, see Introducing ANZSIC 2006 for more information. The releases were the culmination of a lot of hard work by many people, including our respondents (we continue to meet our response rate targets). Following the releases, it has been great to see a high level of media interest and good ongoing engagement with stakeholders and users.

As you can guess, we are now well into preparing for next year's collections, with samples being drawn, pre-contact beginning and so on. As seen below we are also undertaking a few research projects, largely in response to requests from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact myself, Gary Dunnet, or my team: info@stats.govt.nz.


2. Information and communication technology programme

All of our ICT surveys are now being managed under the ICT programme project.

For further information, contact Deborah Harkin: info@stats.govt.nz.

Internet service providers

The next Internet Service Provider (ISP) Survey will be posted out in July 2009 .This will be the first release since the survey moved to an annual cycle.

The survey review carried out last year identified some questions in the survey that were no longer required. Some questions have also been updated to reflect technology advancements.

The ICT project leader attended the Telecommunication Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ) Telecommunications Day 2009 in May to learn about the current issues facing the ICT sector.

Information and communication technology supply

The latest results from the (ICT) Supply Survey were released in April 2009 - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Supply Survey: 2008. Results showed that total sales of goods and services from the ICT industry increased 3 percent to reach $19.3 billion in 2008.

The next survey will be run in 2010 and results will be published in April 2011.

Household information and communication technology

The Household Use of ICT Survey was developed to measure the characteristics of New Zealand households and individuals who use ICT.

The Household Use of ICT Survey is due out in the field in October this year. This will be the second time that the survey has been run. It was last run in 2006. The results from the survey will be published in April 2010. The information from this survey contributes to the OECD Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard.

Business use of ICT

New Zealand businesses’ use of ICT data is collected every two years, as one of three modules within the annual Business Operations Survey (BOS). Results from the ICT module are available in the latest release of the survey, and can be found here.

The team is also investigating the relationships between the business use of ICT data and other general business performance data that is available through the modular design of the BOS Survey.


3. Business Operations

The latest results from the Business Operations Survey 2008 were released on 27 April 2009, and included statistics on business operations, use of ICT, and business strategy and skills. This was followed by the release of the full set of tables from the survey, and can be found here.

The 2009 survey will be in the field August 2010, and will cover the topics of business operations, innovation and business finance. This will include the revised business operations module that aims to decrease respondent burden.

We are also preparing a paper for the Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand (SEAANZ) conference this year, that covers a range of results from the survey.

For further information, contact Kathy Jackson: info@stats.govt.nz.


4. Screen industry

The Screen Industry Survey collects information about the size and nature of the screen industry in New Zealand. Screen industry refers to all businesses involved in the following sectors: screen production and post-production, distribution, exhibition and broadcasting.

The latest information from the Screen Industry Survey: 2007/08 was released in May 2009. This was the first release of screen industry statistics using the Australian New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006. Results from the survey showed that the United States' contribution to New Zealand's screen industry production sector almost doubled between the 2007 and 2008 years. Expenditure in Wellington by screen production companies more than doubled over the same period.

More results from the Screen Industry Survey 2007/08 will be released in August 2009.

For further information contact Geraldine Davies: info@stats.govt.nz.


5. Research and development

Research and Development (R&D) Survey 2008 key results were released in April 2009.

Results show that the gross expenditure on R&D (GERD) was $2,140 million. The business sector accounted for 43 percent of GERD. The government and higher education sectors (universities) made up 27 percent and 30 percent, respectively, of the remaining GERD.

Nineteen percent of R&D carried out in the 2008 reference year was for the benefit of primary industries.

The full report, showing a greater level of detail, will be released on 19 June 2009.

For further information, contact Ritesh Anand: info@stats.govt.nz.


6. Biotechnology

The Bioscience Survey enhances the previous Biotechnology Survey, taking a wider approach, but encompassing biotechnology at its core.
Bioscience can be used in the following areas: agriculture, medicine and veterinary science (including equipment and research), microbes, and biotechnology.

The Bioscience Survey will be in the field in August 2009, with initial results released in March 2010.

For further information, contact Meighan Ragg: info@stats.govt.nz.


7. New Zealand Energy Use Survey

The collection phase of the New Zealand Energy Use Survey is complete, and we are now in the process of cleaning the data. The survey is on track for a Hot Off the Press release by 27 July.

Planning is now underway for the following year's collection to ensure a smooth transition from the delivery of the current survey to the set up of the following survey. This planning has already produced positive results, indicating that it will be possible to survey energy use in the whole economy in four years' time. This is earlier than originally estimated.

For further information, contact Martin Brown-Santirso: info@stats.govt.nz.


8. Improved Business Understanding via Longitudinal Database Development

Over the last quarter, IBULDD's prototype Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) has continued to grow and substantiate itself as a useful resource for researchers.

Much of the IBULDD annual update is now complete with the database now containing comprehensive data from 2000–2007 inclusive. The database has also had the Manufacturing Energy Use Survey 2006 added to it and is currently being updated with information on government grants to New Zealand businesses. Current work also includes imputation that is being carried out to ensure complete coverage of key financial data.

Research work is also being undertaken for the OECD, looking at innovation indicator questions in New Zealand for comparison to worldwide indicators.

Several new research papers have been submitted for the New Zealand Association of Economists (NZAE) conference in July 2009. These research papers have used IBULDD data to better understand business practices and performance, and to evaluate policy. The research papers will be available on the IBULDD website following the conference.

For further information, contact Julia Gretton: info@stats.govt.nz.


9. Who’s who in Business Performance

Andrew Neal, Energy Use Statistical Analyst
Carolina Cladellas Escola, ICT Suite Statistical Analyst
Deborah Harkin, ICT Project Leader
Gary Dunnet, Manager, Business Performance, Energy and Agriculture
Geraldine Davies, Screen Project Leader
Hamish Hill, Energy and Innovation Project Manager
Julia Gretton, Screen, ICT and Research Project Manager, IBULDD Project Leader
Kathy Jackson, Business Operations Project Leader
Keely Betham, IBULDD Statistical Analyst
Martin Brown-Santirso, Energy Use Project Leader
Meighan Ragg, Biotechnology Project Leader
Ritesh Anand, Research and Development Project Leader
Rosi Zeiske, Business Operations Statistical Analyst
Will Lu, Screen Industry Statistical Analyst


10. How to subscribe/unsubscribe

Please send an email to listserv@stats.govt.nz with ‘subscribe business performance’ in the subject line to subscribe, or ‘unsubscribe business performance’ to unsubscribe. Do not add any text to the body of your email.

For help in subscribing to the newsletter, send a message to listserv@stats.govt.nz with ‘Help’ in the subject line.

Please note that any information our subscribers provide (including email and physical address) is kept secure within Statistics NZ and not disclosed to other parties.

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