11 July 2008

Final days of 2011 Census content consultation

As you will be aware, Statistics NZ is currently consulting with the public on the content of the 2011 Census of Population and Dwellings. Our strategy for 2011 is for minimal change to survey content and the questionnaires, to emphasise data quality and maintain consistency. Within this context, the Government Statistician has decided there will be no new topics in the 2011 Census. We welcome submissions from all users of census data regarding our proposed changes. Users can also suggest other changes that might significantly improve the data quality of existing topics.

It's important that we get submissions from key organisations and individuals that represent areas of interest for each of our proposed changes. For example, we are interested in hearing from motor vehicle associations and transport planners on our proposed change to the Number of motor vehicles topic. Your input will help us to confirm our proposed direction and assess the impacts of these changes on planning and policy decisions. See the table below for a summary of our proposed changes.


Proposed changes for 2011 – census consultation

Legal marital status A change to the question to help respondents better understand civil unions and to improve data quality.
Total annual income A change to the income categories to collect a wider (higher) range of income amounts.
Number of children born Will not be included in the 2011 Census but will be retained on a cyclical basis.
Cigarette smoking Will not be included in the 2011 Census but may be retained on a cyclical basis.
Access to telecommunication systems Changes to categories to reflect technological change.
Fuel types used to heat dwelling Changes to categories to reflect technological change.
Number of motor vehicles Changes to categories of number of motor vehicles.

More information and to make a submission.

Submissions must reach us by 5pm on Monday 14 July 2008.

Thanks to everyone who has already made a submission. Over the next few months, we will be analysing the submissions and working towards final content decisions.

New Zealand: An Urban/Rural Profile Update

New Zealand: An Urban/Rural Profile Update is a further development that builds on a Statistics New Zealand research report published in 2004, New Zealand: An Urban/Rural Profile. The focus of this update has been to review the experimental classification used in the initial report, using the later 2006 Census information, and produce a greater timeseries view on this important segmentation of living in New Zealand.