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Census Advisory 8 March 2010

2010 Census Dress Rehearsal

Statistics New Zealand is well under way with its 2010 Census Dress Rehearsal, which is designed to fine-tune processes ahead of the full 2011 Census of Population and Dwellings.

Approximately 8,000 households in Auckland, Gisborne, Wellington, and mid-Canterbury are taking part. The goal is to identify any potential problems with distribution, data collection, and processing, so solutions can be implemented in time for 2011.

General Manager, 2011 Census Carol Slappendel says one of the main emphases for the 2010 Dress Rehearsal is the promotion of the online option. 

“For convenience, people can complete their census forms online, using the codes provided by the census collectors, which will speed up the process for participants as well as eliminating the need for the collector to return to their home.”

2011 Census products and services

We are  currently considering products for release from the 2011 Census. The plan is to produce a mix of products and broadly similar to those produced for the 2006 Census, but with some improvements. If resources allow, a small number may be added to the mix.

We have used feedback given by users through the 2006 Census Products and Services Review (see the review report’s executive summary online).

Communication and consultation regarding the proposed 2011 Census products mix has started and will continue into 2011. If you are interested in being involved with this consultation, email us at census.external.relations@stats.govt.nz. We are also contacting some of our key users over the coming months.

Census CURF consultation – closes 17 March 2010

Do you have an opinion on whether we should produce Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) of 2011 Census data?

Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) are a form of microdata where unit record data has been modified to protect the confidentiality of respondents while also maintaining data integrity (eg by grouping data into broad categories). Statistics NZ has introduced CURFs for several surveys in recent years (New Zealand Income Survey, Survey of Dynamics and Motivation for Migration in New Zealand, and New Zealand General Social Survey).

 A census CURF was produced for the 2001 Census, following testing of a pilot CURF. Although some positive feedback on the pilot CURF was received, this feedback also indicated that different users had different requirements regarding the content, and these varying needs were difficult to accommodate. The 2001 Census CURF was a two percent sample of the census data with selected individual variables (eg age, sex, ethnicity) and some broad geographic information (urban/rural area indicator). Uptake of the 2001 Census CURF was low. We did not produce a CURF for the 2006 Census.

Before we decide what, if any, census CURF(s) to produce, we need  to be certain that they would  be well used. Furthermore, if requirements for CURFs vary widely, then it may not be possible to accommodate them all, and it may be necessary to determine which, if any, type(s) of CURF would be used most.

If you used the 2001 Census CURF or are a potential CURF user and would like to have your say, please email us at census.external.relations@stats.govt.nz and we will email you a short questionnaire. Census CURF consultation closes on 17 March 2010.

Asian profiles

We are considering a new 2011 Census product called Asian profiles, similar to the Iwi Profiles and Pacific Profiles. Asian profiles would provide detailed information on the diverse groups that combine under the broad Asian ethnic group, which is now the fourth largest and fastest growing ethnic group in New Zealand.

We are planning to run workshops with users who have an interest in, and knowledge of, ethnicity statistics and in particular Asian ethnic group statistics. These workshops will run for approximately half a day and be held in:

  • Auckland on 22 March 2010
  • Hamilton on 23 March 2010
  • Wellington on 30 March 2010
  • Christchurch on 1 April 2010.

The basic structure of these workshops is to:

  • confirm an information need exists
  • brainstorm the purpose and uses of an Asian profiles product
  • review similar census products (and external products) and setting expectations around how the Asian profiles will look
  • discuss what content should be included in the 2011 Asian profiles.

If you are interested in being involved in these workshops please email us at census.external.relations@stats.govt.nz to register your interest.

New subnational population projections

Updated 2006-base population projections for all 73 cities and districts, and 16 regions, were released on 24 February 2010. These are partly based on 2006 Census results, although the starting-point for the projections is the higher population estimate at 30 June 2006, which includes adjustments for people not counted by the census (including residents temporarily overseas).

The updated projections on the web page Subnational Population Projections – Information releases also incorporate trends in births, deaths, and migration since 2006.

Updated projections for all areas units ('suburbs'), by age-sex, will be progressively released over the next six months. These will be freely available from the Statistics NZ website.

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