Productivity statistics

NZ.Stat tables

These tables present productivity data for the 25 industries that make up the measured sector. Data are available for each of the 25 industries, along with three aggregates, three sectors, and the measured (and former measured) sector. These statistics are based on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 2006 (ANZSIC06). 

Please note that NZ.Stat tables for Industry Productivity Statistics: 1978–2012 will be updated as soon as possible. These tables can also be found on the Industry Productivity Statistics: 1978–2012 web page, from 25 March 2014.


Productivity, inputs, and outputs 

  • labour, capital, and multifactor productivity
  • output
  • labour, capital, and total inputs
  • capital-to-labour ratio
  • capital and labour incomes – values, shares, and proportions of measured sector

Growth accounting for output

  • output
  • contribution of capital input
  • contribution of labour input
  • multifactor productivity

Growth accounting for labour productivity

  • labour productivity
  • contribution of capital deepening
  • multifactor productivity

Additional information

Data are also available for the education and training and health care and social assistance industries.

More information on Statistics NZ's productivity measures is available from the Productivity page.

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